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Gepubliceerd op 26-10-2022

Questions about NT2, or willing to improve your Dutch? While I have my normal contracts for lessons NT2 /Dutch with students in companies, I also work with some students at home, individually. FOR COMPANIES: PRESS HERE. Two experiments I have now running. The first is about  preparing for a special goal/ examen. Not the NT2-examen, but another examen, for life, in Dutch.  The second experiment is about learning Dutch on go - while doing things.  My student wrote this about it:

"Together with Marjan, we have tried out a wonderful new concept of language learning. We meet twice a week and speak Dutch while doing a specific activity each time. We are messing around with some animals. In my experience, this has already helped me a lot, because I have so much more fun learning together and I also learn more quickly. I really enjoy the way Marjan is helping me to learn Dutch."

If you live in the Netherlands and you did find your way, perhaps you want to improve your integration by learning Dutch. Well, I can help you, if you want me to.
If you already did one or more course(s) in Dutch, but you are not satisfied about your pronunciation or using Dutch in a practical way, I can help you, if you want me to.

If you and some of your colleagues in your company want to have lessons in learning Dutch,  perhaps you can ask for a incompany-course NT2 and I can deliver your course.

I am a certified teachter in Dutch and NT2, and certified as a job-coach as well. Lessons available for any level.

To summerize, in case you are looking for ways and meens to improve your ability to speak or write in Dutch, you are most welcome to contact me  >  mjb@kolibri-comm.nl